Angela Nikoletti Square




Autonomous Province of Bolzano

Architectural design

Roland Baldi Architects


Thorsten Götz
Harald Kofler
Karin Kretschmer


Oskar Da Riz

End of construction


Premio d’Architettura Alto Adige, shortlist 2013
Angela Nikoletti Square is located in the centre of the Rosenbach district and consists of a technical school for social professions, cultural centre, fire station, dorm and kindergarten. The square opens towards Claudia-Augusta street and naturally blends in with the existing and newly designed surroundings. Walkways connect the square with the park and a new residential development to form a harmonious whole. The square provides access to the district centre and the adjacent park. It serves as a junction and meeting place for the inhabitants and also offers space for outdoor events, which can extend into the foyer and the cultural centre’s multifunctional hall. Two-tone zebra pattern cobblestones have been created using white Lasa marble and black basalt cubes to decorate the square. Wave-shaped elevations of these cobblestones form seating and reclining areas of various heights and inclinations with a tree-shaded, hill-like seating island which invites its inhabitants to linger.