Headquarter TechnoAlpin




Technoalpin AG

Architectural design

Roland Baldi Architects
Johannes Niederstätter / VWN Architects


Harald Kofler
Josef Vigl
Thomas Somvi

End of construction



Oskar Da Riz


Best architects 14 Award,
Premio d’Architettura Alto Adige shortlist.

The homogeneous covering of this new building glitters like snow, the main topic of the company. It seems to be a bunch of snow that fell off from the mountains and landed in the city. Right from the outside this new building already communicates, what is happening on the inside: production, deposit and distribution of snow producing machines.
The translucent glass profiles offer a natural and soft illumination of the building without dazzling. The arrangement of the rooms follows the working progresses: simple but functional. On the ground floor the huge factory workshop is situated, on the upper level the generators are lined up, ready for being loaded on trucks, which have access to the deposit through a broad ramp. The administrative area on the 3rd floor offers a comfortably structured and open atmosphere, with well chosen materials. Green spaces and Zen gardens, in direct proximity of the offices, invite to relax and reflect.