Housing Merano




Housing cooperative Siedlungswerk St. Albuin – Arche KVW

Architectural design

Roland Baldi Architects


Karin Kretschmer
Natalie Weber
Harald Kofler

End of construction


Oskar Da Riz

Roland Baldi Architects
On the southern edge of Merano, in the midst of residential buildings, industrial halls and apple orchards, stands a U-shaped multi-family house built by three housing cooperatives. The four storey building is comprised of fifteen apartments with the western aspect facing the garden and the eastern, apple orchards. The independent balconies offer wide open spaces and views to the south and east; the box-shaped balconies complement the larger apartments and face the courtyard. The apartments on the ground floor each have a small private garden which create a close connection between the internal and external spaces. The colour scheme was deliberately selected to be discreet: light brown wooden elements, beige façade, walls and stairwells, anthracite for balconies and window exteriors. The contrast formed by the dark red of the balconies and their internal cladding highlights the architectural language.