Kindergarden Sluderno




Municipality of

Architectural design

Roland Baldi Architects


Harald Kofler
Sila Giriftinoglu
Elena Casati
Carlo Scolari



End of construction



Oskar Da Riz

The new school is located between the existing buildings in order to complete the urban fabric of the small city center.
The new kindergarten is directly accessible from a public square that is part of a pedestrian area.
Starting from very first stages of architectural design, we have worked to create a building that has simple recognizable elements and clean shape that is in harmony with the local architecture on the property.

An architecture that is at the same time far from large scale public buildings especially institutional ones.

To this end it is chosen a traditional form with a pitch roof, simple plastered façade with differently dimensioned and positioned windows that are bigger in scale – just as on child’s drawing.

The design idea was therefore to give the architecture the iconographic form of a house as a way to recreate a friendly and familiar environment for children.

The entrance area itself leads through a compass to a large foyer, which serves as a link between the different spaces and different levels and is conceived as a central recreational and gaming space.

The classrooms, are oriented towards the south, in favor of light, and with views of the garden of relevance. In upper floor spaces with the pitched roof create a special feature with their different ceiling height