Public Construction Yard
Salto Sciliar




Autonomous Province of Bolzano

Architectural design

Roland Baldi Architects  Thomas Simma


Thorsten Götz
Thomas Kienzl
Sigrid Fischer-Colbrie



End of construction



René Riller
The yard Salto Sciliar consists of two edificial bodies and a canopy, which are spread parallel to the northern and southern borders of the plot, forming clear and wide open spaces. The northern building, indicating the entrance to the plot, contains offices as well as garages and workshops. The second building houses further garages, several storage rooms and their related offices, whilst the changing rooms and the communal area are situated on the upper floor. The charcoal and orange colour scheme comes from the new Corporate Design for the logistical street sites in South Tyrol, and is used with the intention to emphasise the two building elements (the roof and the volume beneath), guaranteeing easy recognition. The public construction yard Salto Sciliar is part of a group of logistical yards based on a modular system: its principle consists of a single level garage-storage unit and another one for administration, single or multiple level depending upon requirements. These units are aligned in a row; the top unit being assigned for administration.