Renovation and extension of a private house





Architectural design

Roland Baldi Architects


Thomas Kienzl
Rodolfo Zancan
Rinaldo Zanovello

End of construction



Oskar Da Riz


Oskar Da Riz
Located in the historic centre of Bolzano, the building adapts to the specific conditions of its surroundings. The project involved the renovation and extension of a portion of the urban agglomeration of fragmented buildings in Via Conciapelli, the most striking feature of which was the diversity of the individual buildings,which even included a ruin. The gabled house was emptied, and the façade renovated. The ruin was reinterpreted by the construction of a building with identical dimensions and a modern design language. The building adjoining the courtyard and the central area of the block of houses were raised by two floors; the various structures enclosed from above by a new multiform roof. The intervention gave space to the apartments as well as a new gallery and studio. The deliberately discreet materials underline spatial clarity and pay homage to the commercial character of the former building.