Road maintenance points Curon, San Pancrazio, Ponte Adige


Curon, San Pancrazio, Ponte Adige


Autonomous Province of Bolzano

Architectural design

Roland Baldi Architects
Thomas Simma


Roland Baldi
Thorsten Götz
Thomas Kienzl
Sigrid Fischer-Colbrie



End of construction



Oskar Da Riz

Attracting attention, showing identity: for the diverse locations of its road bases, the provincial administration sought a uniform architectural concept with high recognition value, adaptability to the most diverse situations as well as acconciseness and clarity that would meet spatial and functional requirements. The corporate architectural design of the current road bases was created to be easily adapted to different situations on site thanks to a flexible modular design. These modules can be attached to one another in a bar, an angle or a U and clearly enclosed with their grey roof covering an orange-coloured area. While the grey is interrupted by holes, “the cut walls” are orange, allowing the internal structure to emerge through these openings in the outer skin. The consistent architectural language with a high degree of conciseness ensures a spontaneous identification of the buildings as a road maintenance base.