Station Square Collalbo




STA – Strutture Trasporti Alto Adige

Architectural design

Roland Baldi Architects


Sila Giriftinoglu

End of construction



Oskar Da Riz


In the right square at the right time!

 As part of the redesign of the Mobility Centre in Collalbo, consisting of a bus station, a car park and a commuter garage, Roland Baldi Architects also designed a new, open and spacious station square for residents and visitors. Here tourists can find an information board to help them organise the excursions in the area or alternatively meet up with friends at the busy tables of the station bar. The flooring consists of alternating strips of green and reddish-brown porphyry cubes. This carpet of natural stone covers the entire front area of the beautiful station building and stretches all the way to the platform. The various porphyry strips are partly interrupted by small green areas or seating.A roundabout and a few car parking spaces have been built in front of the new square. This area works as a kiss and ride zone. It is used to stop briefly, let someone out and leave directly. The only thing that has been kept in place is the bronze sculpture by the artist Franz Messner: a goat peering through its mirror at some sparrows, also cast in bronze, who have recently begun whistling from the station roof: ” In the right square at the right time!”