SynCom business park




SynCom KG of Dr. Kurt Baumgartner

Architectural design

Roland Baldi Architects


Rodolfo Zancan
Christa Mair
Karin Kretschmer
Thorsten Götz



End of construction



Oskar Da Riz


Premio Architettura
Città di Oderzo, mention

The SynCom business park emerged as the winning project in an international planning competition organised by a private entrepreneur. The basic concept of the building is a flexible and at the same time easily identifiable structure, which allows the integration of several companies. A clear formal definition of the building’s body makes it possible to distinguish the different areas from its exterior. The compact, pillarless baseboard, consisting of the ground floor and first floor, houses the craft and production companies. The different levels are connected by distribution areas, with stairs and sanitary facilities, which at the same time also act as load-bearing cores. The upper floor is accessible to vans thanks to a ramp. The tertiary areas and service flats are located in the three-storey meandering structure above. The winding form provides generous space for the three common courtyards. Each of the three staircases is characterised by a different bright colour, making it surprisingly easy to find your way around the large complex.