Civil protection centre Ritten




Municipality of

Architectural design

Roland Baldi Architects


Harald Kofler
Carlo Scolari
Sila Giriftinoglu
Karin Kretschmer



End of construction



Oskar Da Riz

Architecture saves us: With the new building of the Civil protection centre Ritten, Roland Baldi Architects designed a “common home” for the command of the fire brigade, white cross and alpine rescue where they can operate smoothly and proactively across all areas of expertise. With its simple and sculptural shape, the new civil protection centre forms a contemporary contrast to the rural and local architectural language typical of the area. The two-storey building, constructed according to the Klimahaus A standards, is integrated into the natural terrain slope and communicates with the north-facing entrance area next to the main street and the residential area behind it. Most of the volume, however, was arranged in a compact structure below the parking lot. Thanks to the façade made of dyed stamped concrete in reddish colour inspired by famous Ritten Earth Pyramids, the Civil protection centre Ritten fits perfectly into the impressive landscape.